I have been sent the Maths Box for Early Years to review. I am currently teaching Senior Infants and have had the last month to put the activities to use!

First of all, let me explain the product for you. The Maths box is a colourful and robust box that contains 300 colourful cards to help support the teaching and learning of mathematical skills in the Infant Classes. It is not intended as an independent resource but more so teacher-led table or group. There are 4 copies of each of the 75 unique maths cards and I would be able to use a card per table if I had access to three other SET teachers. Therefore, this resource would be absolutely super for in-class support or a smaller withdrawal setting with the SET.

Each card sets a challenge based on a maths curriculum objective. The photocopiable Teacher’s Guide that comes with it has a full page lesson plan explaining how to introduce the skill, set up the maths card and then extend the learning with additional activities. There are useful sections on differentiation and assessment and suggestions for online resources and links.

For an extra bonus, it comes with a free digital version of the Teacher’s Guide as well with a scope and sequence chart. The scope and sequence chart is a long term plan and it gives you the ability to track individual pupil and and the whole class with some lovely teacher tracking sheets.

This product is different because not only does it add to your own maths teaching in an easy and pick up and go way, it supports oral language development with the instructions on the card that the teacher reads out and the pupil responds. Each card is made up of 3 varying levels of ability so whether the teacher is working with any ability grouping, these cards will work well.

I used the cards easily once I had completed my own short term plans by selecting the appropriate card for the curriculum objective and mathematical skill and slotting that into my maths groups.

I am aware it is pricey but it is a brilliant investment if you want to find new, active ways to jazz up your own maths teaching and learning and to ensure all abilities are being challenged.

Prim-Ed have released a new website which can be found here and to celebrate Prim-Ed are giving away a box (at the winning teacher’s chosen class level) of The Maths box and Teacher’s Guide on our Mash.ie page!

As part of this review process, I have been allowed to keep the Maths Box and am getting great use out of it. I am very excited for any teacher who gets to win this resource worth €200!

The Maths Box priced at €200 for Early Years can be found here at https://www.prim-ed.ie/shop/The-Maths-Box-Early-Years/ and you can find the other six boxes for the remaining classes 1st-6th Class on the new Prim-Ed website too.

All Mash.ie subscribers automatically get entered into the competition. Fill in your email address below to be in with a chance. Entries close at 7pm on October 8th.


  1. Excellent service provided, allowing teachers and student teachers access to a wide range of resources, lesson outline and activities.

  2. I always Highly recommend resources ! Fantastic service for everyone! It’s great to have amazing activities and resources to hand!

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