I recently shared some images on my Instagram and Facebook accounts about stamps I have designed and purchased from cowcow.com. I had a lot of interest from followers about these and people were asking about my designs. 

I originally designed and purchased these stamps back in 2016 and they are still going strong! I am now teaching in a school where I am called Múinteoir XXX so the original stamps don’t have the same effectiveness. I also wanted ones that give more constructive feedback to save me from constantly writing the same comments over and over. I have found the children respond quicker to stamps (well at least they read them!)

I contacted cowcow about sharing these designs. The only way was to set up a store. After a bit of time, googling and editing, I managed to put something together. Check it out here. One of the offers I availed of was $0.99 for the first and second stamp, $2.99 for every stamp after with free shipping. I have put the stamps into English and Gaeilge as I hope to add notebook designs, the larger and circular stamps pictured below also to my store. The discount code to avail of this offer is STAMP099MUINTEOIR.


If you are interested in purchasing any of these stamps and need to edit, it’s very easy. Select the stamp you wish to edit. Underneath the image select customise. Here in the design page you can edit ink colour, text and image. To edit the text double click the text you wish to change and ‘input text’ box will pop up. Here you can change the comment or edit what is there. After that you can change the size, font, alignment etc.

If you have any questions or queries send me an email at not.enough.time.muinteoir17@gmail.com or through Facebook or Instagram. 

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