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It begins. Again.

Let’s face it, nobody really likes remote teaching whether you’re the teacher or the parent or both. We thought we’d make life a little easier for you with this one pager with bits of advice, some decent ideas, and a friendly face if you have any questions. If you have any specific questions, send us an email to 💌 and we’ll try to help you out. 🧡

😱 Where do I start?

The best place to start is where you left off in December! You have probably got your pupils set up on Google Classroom or SeeSaw or something similar and that is a great place to be! You are going to be teaching the content you’d planned but in a different way. However, on Monday, why not simply send a quick “hello” 👋🏻 and maybe ask them how their holidays went. 

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6 simple steps...

Learning Platforms

For us, you can’t really beat SeeSaw or Google Classroom. However, we’ll give an honourable mention to Microsoft Teams. It doesn’t really matter what platform you use. It ain’t what you use, it’s the way that you use it… With that in mind, read on ->

Structure Yourself

Working remotely if completely different to working on site and you can’t just map one on to the other. Your home life may contain childcare, care of a sick relative, or a host of other things. The same goes for the families you’ll be working with. Set up a timetable for yourself: when are you going to prepare your lessons, when are you going to upload any content you have produced, why are you going to meet your pupils on Zoom, when are you going to assess and correct work, and most importantly, when are you going to stop! 

Take care of

Sample Timetable to Download

Preparing your lessons

Lots of us feel uncomfortable about being on camera. If we didn’t, sure we’d be following in Saoirse Ronan’s footsteps in Hollywood, right? 😂 When it comes to explaining content, while it’s nice for the children to see your face, you really don’t have to be on screen if you don’t want to. All you really need is your phone. Hold it over a textbook, some resources or point it at a portable whiteboard and start explaining what you’d like the kids to learn. If you make a mistake, don’t worry, this really isn’t Hollywood, Saoirse. Ignore it or, if you can’t, hit stop, and start again.

Best tools for recording content


Good old YouTube! Get on your phone, record a video. Fire up the app and upload it - done!


This is our favourite Screen recording tool. 5 minutes recording is free and you can upload your recordings to your YouTube channel. Click and go!


Want to get interactive? Record yourself asking a simple question and children can record their feedback. Simple, short and very effective.

What about LIVE teaching?

What about live teaching? What about live lessons? Why can't we have live classes?

It probably doesn’t matter what we say but we’ll say it anyway. Despite the obsession from certain quarters, live video teaching at primary level is not effective. Read our blog post for reasons why.

I mean, seriously, if she isn't on Zoom, what is she doing all day?

Come back for more hints and tips on teaching remotely and how to answer this question!