Who is Dr. Treasa Bowe?

We are very excited that Dr. Treasa Bowe is going to be joining us for a Back to School live webinar with a special focus on literacy. There’s probably nothing Treasa doesn’t know about literacy so we thought we’d let you know a little bit about who she is.

Dr Treasa Bowe is a primary school teacher from Cork with over 20 years teaching experience; 17 years in Ireland and most recently five years teaching in KIPP Endeavor College Prep, Los Angeles, California. Across her career Treasa has had keen and special interest in the area of literacy with her Masters research centred on Comprehension Strategy Instruction (CSI). Treasa was a pivotal member of the team that developed the highly regarded comprehension programme Building Bridges of Understanding (Mary Immaculate College, 2009).

Treasa’s PhD research focused on the role of on-site continuing professional developing in promoting a whole school approach to CSI. More recently Treasa has become better known on Instagram as @betweenthecoversofagoodbook , where she shares her extensive knowledge about literacy, and picture books on a daily basis.