What did you search for?

We got a new service today that shows what users are searching for on Mash.ie. Every so often we’ll publish some statistics on what has been searched for on the site, which might help teachers see what’s happening in other classrooms, or give some of our sellers some ideas as to what other teachers are looking for. Also, because we’re complete geeks (well, only Simon, really) we find statistics fascinating. Although today was quiet (Sunny Saturdays are, unsurprisingly, our quietest day) we thought it would be fun to list the top 5 things people searched for.

  1. Report Writing / Comments – 19% searches
  2. Cinema / An Phictiúrlann – 11%
  3. English – 5%
  4. Geography – 5%
  5. Jolly Phonics – 5%

The only search today that yielded no results was the cinema. However, one the other hand, “art” yielded 751 results when somebody searched for it!

There were some interesting search terms too. “Glance Cards” was searched for by one user and it got 6 results. 13.5% of searches were in Irish, with an phictiúrlann, the most popular. There were only 37 searches today so the data we have is quite minimal so we expect much more useful information over time.

Looking at Google Analytics, (which shows how people got to the site), we can see that most people type Mash.ie into Google to get to the site. However, Caitheamh Aimsire and Multiple Choice Riddles are the next two most popular searches that got people onto the site.