Tips for Sellers

We are lucky that our amazing teacher-sellers create creative, useful and personalised learning resources and we want to get the word out to everyone in the educational community that teachers make the best resources for the best learning. We have been watching all our top sellers and seeing what they do and have compiled a list of top tips to improve your selling chances on!

Be a great teacher!

If you are making learning resources, plans or coming up with new ideas and they are really helping your students learn, then they are going to help other teachers with ideas and saving time! Think about the subjects or activities you enjoy most as a teacher, what has worked best for you. We find the best selling teachers on Mash have used the resources they are uploading and selling. It costs you nothing to upload to and if you are proud of the work you have put into a resource then click upload on

Keywords are Key!

Think of good keywords to make sure your products. A good description of your resource will make sure other teachers can feel confident of what they are downloading. Give exact descriptions of what your resource includes.

Keep Copyright

We pride ourselves on unique teacher created content. It is not only a bad idea to use or copy an idea from another teacher seller, you could be breaking the law! If you are taking inspiration from a lesson plan you designed for your class while in college or working, you need to ensure you are not breaking copyright or trademark law. For example, you are not allowed to use logos belonging to teacher training colleges. Make sure the work you upload is 100% your own!


Many of our top teacher sellers on Mash have an active social media presence. They engage on a daily basis, encourage conversation amongst their followers and upload engaging images/activities that have worked for them. They understand that the teaching community is made from sharing. We will be developing articles and videos on social media and teacher followers in the future to help you further.

Share the freedom!

You can encourage other teachers to check out your products by giving away some products for free. You can set dates on Mash for how long you would like a certain product to be free. This way, teachers get to assess your best work and you get another download to your product which should further increase your popularity.

Diversify for Different Teachers

Think about areas that new teachers, trainee-teachers or experienced teachers may need inspiration in and develop those resources. Any new curriculum development or strategy are good places to start.

Get in Touch with Us!

We have many teachers on Instagram who tag us when they have uploaded a new resource and we, in turn, share their post on our very popular Instagram page.

Pinterest is a teacher haven! Set up a Pinterest account and start pinning, sharing and saving your own resources with good images and descriptions of the resource on them.

Carve a Niche.

If your passion is “Visual Arts” or “fractions” in maths, then show your passion by focussing in on these areas. This way, you will become associated with the teacher who is really good at teaching fractions!


Leave reviews and always answer reviews respectfully. If someone has left you a review, take the time to thank them! If someone leaves you a not so nice review, take the time to thank them! Take the feedback on board and offer them full refund. Use the feedback wisely!

We hope you continue to succeed as a teacher seller with We are really excited about having you with us! Best of luck and happy creating!