What did you search for in September?

September is the busiest month on Mash.ie and a crazy month in real life! The top 5 searches for resources on Mash.ie this month were: mé féin (71 results) New language curriculum (128 results) Aistear (332 results) bia (87 results) bua na cainte (27 results) Sellers might be interested to note that of the searches where there were no returns over 90% of them were store names. We're going to work on allowing store names to be included in search results but in the meantime, it would be a very good idea for sellers to include their name and store name in the description of their products. The following terms were searched for with no results. sound town Aistear Breithlá bia naíonán shinsearacha chestnut tree Christmas Plays...

Review: The Maths Box: Early Years: Prim-Ed

I have been sent the Maths Box for Early Years to review. I am currently teaching Senior Infants and have had the last month to put the activities to use! First of all, let me explain the product for you. The Maths box is a colourful and robust box that contains 300 colourful cards to help support the teaching and learning of mathematical skills in the Infant Classes. It is not intended as an independent resource but more so teacher-led table or group. There are 4 copies of each of the 75 unique maths cards and I would be able to use a card per table if I had access to three other SET teachers. Therefore, this resource would be absolutely super for in-class support or a smaller withdrawal setting with the SET. Each card sets a challenge based on a maths curriculum objective. The photocopiable Teacher’s Guide that comes with it has a full...

Planning for the New Primary Language Curriculum Made Simple

Every month we give our blog over to one of our wonderful teacher sellers to give you some advice and tips for your classroom. Our September teacher is Top Teaching Resources and she has very kindly written a piece about making the New Primary Curriculum easier to understand. Please visit her store: Top Teaching Resources! I am currently teaching First Class and have used the new Primary Language Curriculum (PLC) for teaching and planning for the past year. It seemed very daunting at first, but once I got my head around the terminology in the new curriculum, it became no more challenging than planning for the 1999 curriculum. This is a very simple explanation of the PLC that I used to understand the terminology and to transition from the 1999 curriculum in my planning and teaching: Elements are listed instead of Strand Units. ...

Tips to Save you Time from All Things Primary

Every month we give our blog over to one of our wonderful teacher sellers to give you some advice and tips for your classroom. Our first teacher is our top seller, who recently had a name-change. Infant Teaching Ideas is now called All Things Primary and she has very kindly supplied us with some tips to save teachers time. Please visit All Things Primary at her store! Do you find that you are forever making, printing, photocopying and laminating resources? Are you always on the lookout for new resources or trying to find that really good book/toy/resource you had last year? Well, you are not alone!  Here are my top 3 tips which might make life a bit easier for you!   Stick and double laminate! There is nothing worse than carefully cutting all your laminating and placing all the bits so precisely in order to fit as much...

When do you start planning?

Most people think that teachers get the whole summer off, and while we do get a nice break, it's not as long as they might think, with up to 3 weeks taken up by completing summer courses and then there's planning for the new year. Most teachers like to take a short break after the madness of June. However, when do you start your planning and paperwork for the new school year? Check out our Facebook poll here.

What did you search for in June?

June is traditionally a quieter month on Mash.ie and a crazy month in real life! However, teachers were still searching for resources and it wasn't much of a surprise that the biggest item typed in the search bar was "end of year" It's also interesting to see people using the search bar to find particular stores they like. This only works if your product description contains your store name so it might be worth taking note. For example 74 people searched for Miss Múinteoir in June. The top 5 searches for resources were: end of year junior infants new language curriculum aistear tricky words People searched for other items but got no return on their search. It might be worth creating resources to help these people! you blew me away holes end of year certificates sports day certificates Tomás na...

What did you search for last month? (May 2018)

It's interesting to see what teachers search for on Mash.ie. For sellers, it might give ideas about products you might be producing. For customers, it might spark some ideas for your planning. Here are the top 5 things that teachers searched for:
  1. End of year report cards and comments
  2. Junior Infant resources
  3. New Language Curriculum
  4. Summer
  5. Cúntas Míosúil
We also record searches that didn't produce results. Here are the top few:
  1. Subbing Packs
  2. Handa's Surprise
  3. An Pictiúlann
  4. ASD plans
  5. Commotion in the Ocean

Tips for Sellers

We are lucky that our amazing teacher-sellers create creative, useful and personalised learning resources and we want to get the word out to everyone in the educational community that teachers make the best resources for the best learning. We have been watching all our top sellers and seeing what they do and have compiled a list of top tips to improve your selling chances on Mash.ie! Be a great teacher! If you are making learning resources, plans or coming up with new ideas and they are really helping your students learn, then they are going to help other teachers with ideas and saving time! Think about the subjects or activities you enjoy most as a teacher, what has worked best for you. We find the best selling teachers on Mash have used the resources they are uploading and selling. It costs you nothing to upload to Mash.ie and if you are...

What did you search for?

We got a new service today that shows what users are searching for on Mash.ie. Every so often we'll publish some statistics on what has been searched for on the site, which might help teachers see what's happening in other classrooms, or give some of our sellers some ideas as to what other teachers are looking for. Also, because we're complete geeks (well, only Simon, really) we find statistics fascinating. Although today was quiet (Sunny Saturdays are, unsurprisingly, our quietest day) we thought it would be fun to list the top 5 things people searched for. Report Writing / Comments - 19% searches Cinema / An Phictiúrlann - 11% English - 5% Geography - 5% Jolly Phonics - 5% The only search today that yielded no results was the cinema. However, one the other hand, "art" yielded 751 results when somebody searched for...

Yes another GDPR post

No matter how many times a day you check your email lately, there is someone asking you to opt in to their service because of GDPR. For every website manager, we'll be glad never to see those 4 letters again once the 25th May passes. Mash.ie is no different and we've spent most of the last while making sure that we are GDPR compliant. We have made a privacy policy that outlines exactly what happens when you use Mash.ie and we have asked all of our 12,000 or so members whether they would like to opt in to our newsletter. In fact, here's a good opportunity to do just that! Mash.ie Just type in your email and you're done! By opting in, you are letting Mash.ie send you a newsletter. Enter your email address to opt in. * Opt In. Your e-mail address is only used to send you our newsletter...