How to avoid a boring interview!


When they ask generic questions like these. •Why do you want to become a teacher? •Why are you choosing teaching at this point in your life? •What main qualities would you bring as a teacher?

Which response do you find is more genuine? 1.I want to change children’s lives as I am so passionate about working with children.

2.I used to have an amazing music teacher. She used to push us to be the best that we could be! She spent so much time giving us the advice we needed to improve! I was a singer so she gave me so many singing books and resources that really helped me improve! She really cared how we were all doing by continuously checking on our progress. She had faith in me! I want to give everything she gave me to my students! She really was the best teacher! That’s exactly why I want to be a teacher! She inspired me!


•I can’t emphasise this enough but TELL YOUR STORY!

•Learn to elaborate on anything! You can always direct any question back to what you are comfortable talking about! Example -your experience with teaching to date.

•Show your personality- don’t be afraid to laugh or tell a joke! I know this is a formal interview but it is OK to show your personality.🤗❤️

•Know how the course is structured- how many weeks of placement etc. If I was interviewing someone for a job and they didn’t know anything about the work or structure I would say ‘BYE BYE’. 😂 So please know all about Hibernia. 😁

•You are going to be nervous on the days leading up and the day of the interview! But please relax, breathe, take some time off away from preparing. The work you have put in so far is going to speak volumes! 😌

•Try and enjoy the interview- look at it like a conversation!

•Imagine the end goal and how you would feel when you got the news you have gotten into the course! It’s a feeling I can’t describe! 🥰

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