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  • ** Free** Classroom Jobs/Helpers

    Classroom jobs that could be printed and laminated for use in your classroom
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  • **Free** Learning log

    A learning log template ideal for use with classes 1st - 4th but could be used with any class between Senior Infants and 6th class.

    Format: smiley faces and space for them to write a sentence.

    Could be stapled to create a booklet for the child.

    Could be used as a one off assessment during TP.
    3 on each A4 page to save on printing
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  • **Free** Music - Lesson ideas. 1st -6th class

    Suitable for 1st - 6th class.
    Plans are tailored specifically for 3rd/4th class.

    Covering strand units of Listening and Responding and Performing.
    Song lyrics included.
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  • *Free* Traffic light self-assessment poster

    A poster to be printed and hung in the classroom to help students when they are self-assessing their work. Copies of it could also be placed on individual tables or even handed out to students for reference.

    Useful took to help children simply, yet effectively, self-assess their work by marking it with a green/red/orange dot.
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  • 14 Gaeilge lesson plans - Caitheamh Aimsire theme

    3 weeks of Irish lesson plans and ideas for your class based on the theme of Caitheamh Aimsire.

    Created specifically for 3rd/4th class but could be easily adapted for 2nd - 6th classes as the ideas will work for all ages.

    Allows you to teach the theme without the use of a textbook.

    All written as Gaeilge.
    Number of worksheets included and PowerPoints including a poem.
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  • Art - Lovely Pointillism Lesson

    Pointillism art lesson.
    Suitable for Junior Infants to 3rd class with adaptations.

    Lovely activity for your class, could be used whilst subbing as well as it requires few resources and little prep.
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  • English - 3 week report writing pack

    A three-week plan for informational report writing tailored specifically for 4th class. Very detailed lessons and pack includes some templates and useful handouts.


    Could easily be adapted for lower/higher classes.
    Could be adapted for use with varying themes.
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  • English - 5 days of LPs Oral/Writing/Reading. Lovely class activities - Infants/1st/2nd
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    English - 5 days of LPs Oral/Writing/Reading. Lovely class activities - Infants/1st/2nd

    This packet includes one week worth of English lesson plans / templates / worksheets aimed at classes from Senior Infants up to 2nd class.

    Planned using the new Primary Language curriculum - the plans incorporate all three strands over the course of the week.
    The week's work is based around a story - Owl Babies (it will be OK if children have already read this story or are familiar with it)

    Activities include storytelling / creating and designing an acrostic poem and sequencing the story.

    All necessary resources are included with the bundle.

    Lovely activities to do with your class anytime during the school year.
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  • Gaeilge / Irish - Hobbies / Caitheamh Aimsire - 2 Lesson plans

    2 x lesson ideas based on the theme of hobbies and the sub-theme of animals.
    Tailored for 1st/2nd class but could be adapted for other groups.

    Useful for getting ideas and planning without reliance on textbook.
    *Written in Irish
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  • Gaeilge Lesson plans x 4 - Bia

    Suitable for use with Junior-2nd class.
    Tailored specifically for Senior Infants but ideas would easily work with younger and older classes.

    All contain active learning and do not rely on any textbook or Irish programme to implement.
    These plans could be used as a basis and aid for planning over a longer period.

    Pack contains a PowerPoint, flashcards, 2 worksheets, 4  lesson ideas planned out and a rhyme that can easily be taught to pupils over a number of days that they will really enjoy.


    Lovely activities and ideas for your class or for use when subbing.
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  • Maths - 5 LPs - Topic: Length.

    Maths lessons x 5 - comprehensive plans for use in your classroom

    Super active learning without the books.

    Measurement: Length.
    Based on 3/4th class curriculum but could be tailored up/down for classes between 2nd - 6th class.

    Kahoot quiz forms part of the lessons so iPads or access to technology is needed for one of these lesson ideas. Although could also be done as a whole class activity.

    Loop card game not included as it was made from scratch to suit the class. Google has many free examples of these.
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  • Maths - 5 LPs - Topic: Weight

    A 1 week pack of detailed maths lesson plans based on the strand unit of weight.

    Lovely active lesson ideas that could be used in your classroom. Useful for subbing also but you would need to ensure that the school has correct resources.
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