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Wool in School is a unique education resource for schools inspiring children and students about the uses of natural and locally produced Wool and Alpaca Fibre.
Learn about the properties and benefits of wool on the environment as a fibre of the future. Children also get to see how wool is processed in Cushendale Woollen Mills through pictures We are a family business dedicated to the uses of wool Past, Present and Future. Coming from a long heritage of wool crafts Lorna McCormack founder of Wool in School and Fibre Artist reflects on a time when wool was an important resource for every day living. Knitting, Stitching, Weaving and Spinning were an every day motion of life,  Providing families with warmth and livelihoods and necessity. Wool in School brings back to children an understanding of a heritage that has moulded the uses of wool today. Children reflect on the past, review how wool is used in the present. How it can be used to the benefit of our future with the use of technology and knowledge of suitability,  supporting a more Circular Economy.

About My Store

This store gives you the opportunity to purchase some of our fact sheets about wool as a small introduction to children about sheep, wool and a sustainable resource These resources can be used as part of the fabric and fibre strand of the art curriculum or cross-curriculum more information can be found in our Instagram bio or website Enjoy this selected introduction to our Wool Awareness Programme   thank you Lorna McCormack

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