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'No Drama Llama' Drama and English Resources

About Me

  I'm a qualified Drama and English teacher with lots of classroom experience with students of all ages. I have always created my own resources and would love to share ideas and lessons with other professionals to use in their classrooms.

About My Store

My lessons are easy to follow, linked to curriculum strands and offer no-drama drama! The idea is that they are a ready to use resource that you can just pick up and teach. I aim to provide high quality lessons, plans and resources to support other teachers and make their lives a little bit easier. I am passionate about the use of drama in the classroom and want to encourage others to see its value and how it can inspire, engage and enthuse even the most reluctant learners.  

Any Other Information

Drop me a line - I look forward to getting some feedback and suggestions of what kind of lessons you might like to see...

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