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Mister Múinteoir

About Me

Hi there! My name is Adam, also known as Mister Múinteoir on Instagram! I am a primary school teacher from Kerry, based in Cork! I completed the Bachelor of Education in Mary Immaculate College between 2015 and 2019. I spent my NQT year subbing before securing a maternity leave contract as a SET in a rural school. I completed my Droichead in this position, most of which was completed through online teaching. I am currently in my second year qualified, where I am working as a Senior Infant SET in an Educate Together school. My Instagram page (@mister_muinteoir_) focuses  on my role as a SET, teaching practice & subbing tips, as well as discussions with many other incredible insta-teachers through Live Discussions!

About My Store

My store will reflect the resources I am using in my teaching, as well as resources and guides I feel reflect the needs of my followers. I have guides on areas such as Infant Teaching, Teaching as a Student Teacher, Subbing, Dissertation Writing, and Working as a SET. I have thematic units on topics such as Japan and Heroes. I also have resources for teaching a plethora of areas, including novel studies, tricky words, Maths games and oral Irish. I hope you enjoy my store!

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