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About Me

I have been in the field of education for thirty years. I love what I do everyday; it is truly a passion and I can not imagine doing anything else! I have retired as a gifted, special services, and elementary curriculum director for a large public school district! As well, for two years after retirement from the public school system setting, I served as an elementary school principal for Choctaw Tribal Schools for the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians! Currently, I sere as an educational consultant across the state coaching and mentoring teachers, administrators, and superintendents. My passion is that of teaching twice exceptional learners and differentiating their learning experience so that they experience success! My most ignited passion is that of Dyslexia and ADHD learners and how to meet their needs! If I had to describe my teaching style, it would go something like this... I would have to say that my teaching philosophy would be that of first establishing relationships with children-- they don't want to know how much you know until they know how much you care! Next, I believe that children must see the relevance in what they are doing; certainly with Generation Z learners, this has never been more critical! Finally, I believe that children must have real world experiences to truly be engaged in their learning and not just retain material for a test-- Children deserve our best! I have had the distinct honor of the following awards: Presidential Award for Mathematics and Science Teaching, Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year, Association for Excellence in Education Teacher of the Year, Jones County School District Teacher of the Year, Jones County School District Administrator of the Year, and the Friends of Counseling Award.  

About My Store

Miss Alaneious Educational World is a store that every educator will find useful. Some of the educational resources include the following:

  • Professional Development Training and Support Presentations;
  • Professional Book Study Guides for Popular Educator Recommended Reading;
  • Relevant and Engaging Real-World Writing Prompts for Each Genre of Writing;
  • Informational Texts with Formative Assessment Included;
  • Classroom Displays and Mini-Sets of Posters for Relevant Topics and Themes;
  • Webquests for Student Engagement and Motivation; and
  • PBIS Behavior and Token System Resources for Classroom Use

Any Other Information

I absolutely love education and working with children. Additionally, I enjoy consultant work and establishing professional learning communities so that teachers might have the opportunity to be the best that they can be! I also enjoy working with teachers working on their master's degree as well as alternate route teachers-- for without teachers where would we be!

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