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My name is Lorna McCormack I worked in the area of Deafness for two decades and ran a early intervention business for deaf children for eight of those years. During that time I published a number of books for children introducing child centred Sign Language. These recourses focused on early language and early signs and children from a young as six months learned how to sign. Teaching children to sign from a young age has so many benefits  for communication, confidence, language and spelling. I also ran workshops Nation wide linking I with Deaf Organisation and Hospitals  the cochlear Implant team Beaumont I was also a Irish Sign Language Tutor going in to homes teaching Sign language with the Department of Education. Irish Sign Language is used by the Deaf community in Ireland the signs included in my resources are all ISL ( Irish Sign Language ) it is NOT Gaeilge. You can still find my books at the worksheets and activities are only available her on Many of you my also know me from @woolinschool as I am also a sustainability Educator. thank you for your support and your interest in Irish Sign Language Enjoy the journey Lorna x

About My Store

Here you will find designed resources by myself as part of a business I ran a number of years ago . These resources are designed to introduce you are your students to Irish Sign Language. Sign language has so many benefits for children, boosting confidence, inclusion, language, spelling, it also helps with class management. Tips

  1. When introducing sign Language to children also use your voice this is important even if the child is deaf or not as lip patterns are very important
  2.  When signing you use your dominant hand but this is different when teaching children, sign with you left i.e. the alphabet as children will mirror you with their right.
  3.  Sometimes children will swap hands for the movement don't correct this it is ok
  4.  Handshape is often the last part of signing children will achieve that's ok
  Sign Language Elements
  1. Handshape
  2.  Movement
  3.  Location
  4.  Palm Orientation
Handshape - some signs begin with the first letter of a word  for example Mammy 'm' alphabet Movement - most signs have movement Location - The sign may be located in front of you or on the body Palm orientation -  Palms my be facing up , down or to the sides I will so some videos to support this

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