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About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Aoife Conroy and I am a qualified primary school teacher since 2018. I completed the B.Ed degree in Mary Immaculate College Limerick and was fortunate to also complete my dip year in a school in Limerick directly after finishing college. I have most experience with teaching the infant classes and hope that I can share some of my resources and ideas with you! I have an Instagram page '@missconroy_teachingideas' if you want to give this a follow. I share a range of ideas from different subject areas, mainly focused on teaching the infant classes. I love a hands on and active approach to teaching and learning and hope that the resources I share have a positive impact to your own teaching!

About My Store

I set up this store to share my work and to make the busy job that teaching is, a little less time consuming! Having readily available resources for the classroom saves a lot of time and it is great to share and use resources from lots of different teachers who have lots of great and different approaches to teaching! My store contains resources that I use in my own classroom and I make them as I see appropriate for my class.

Any Other Information

The resources that I currently have available are for the infant classes but I am open and willing to take requests and suggestions for various resources if you would like to share what you are looking for with me! You can pop me a message on my Instagram account @missconroy_teachingideas if you have a question or request for me. I hope that you like the content that I am sharing. Teachers need to support teachers and I hope that my resources prove to be useful for you all!

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