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Hey everyone, and welcome to my Mash store :) The aim of this store is to provide teachers with useful, fun resources that can be used in a variety of different classroom settings with a variety of different age groups.

  • Addition and Subtraction Tables - Wheel Spinners

    These digital maths activity spinners are perfect for making tables revision fun and interactive 🙂

    This product comes with a ‘How to use’ description and some ideas for use in the classroom.

    There are 24 spinners included in this: 12 addition spinners and 12 subtraction spinners. The addition and subtraction spinners spinners cover facts up to 12.

    Please note: this resource is only compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint

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  • Aidiachtaí Simplí - Display and Activities

    This product contains everything you need for teaching simple adjectives as Gaeilge! This product comes with 20 different display posters (2 adjectives on each poster) which can be used to teach the adjectives, 8 worksheets that can be used in conjunction with the display posters and a fun and interactive Boom Learning game to revise and reinforce learning.

    Please see full description below on how to use and access the Boom Learning game.
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  • Around the House - Riddles

    This resource contains 6 rounds of 5 questions based on items around the house. Each slides contains a riddle that the children must solve to answer the question correctly.

    This resource comes in PowerPoint format and is perfect for distant learning purposes. It can be screen shared with the class on Zoom lessons to make the call fun and engaging for the children :)
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  • Battleship - Maths Series

    Battleship Series consisting of 4 different battleship boards that can be played in the classroom and can adapted to suit all age groups. These can be used as follow up activities to recap on concepts that have been learnt, or as morning activities/station work.


    I would greatly appreciate if you could rate/review this product if you use it in your classroom
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  • Bia Board game - Friday Freebie

    This fun 'Bia' game comes in three different colours: all colour, coloured images and black and white background and then all black and white.

    And the best thing is.....its FREE :)
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  • Brag Bracelets - Rewards

    These brag bracelets are a great classroom management tool used to promote positive behaviour.

    These bracelets can be laminated and stuck with velcro or they can be glued at each end and the children can bring them home with them and keep them. This creates another line of communication between the teacher and the child's home.

    There are 100 brag bracelets included in this bundle: 50 portrait and 50 landscape.
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  • Change Your Mindset - Positive Outlooks

    The ‘Change Your Mindset' poster is a great resource to have in the classroom to encourage children to always have a positive mindset. This comes as a PDF file with all the phrases, lettering and clip art to create a poster similar to this one for your own classroom :)

    The phrases, lettering and clipart have been cut out and stuck onto black backing paper. I used 2 A2 sheets to create the poster in the picture.
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  • Classroom Jobs

    This product includes 21 different classroom jobs. Each job comes in a boy version and a girl version. These jobs can be laminated to last for a few years in the classroom.  

    See full description below for a list of the jobs included!

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  • Classroom Rules Display

    14 colourful classroom rules posters to display in the classroom to encourage positive behaviour.
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  • Climate Study - World Climates and Climate Change

    This Geography pack is the perfect resource for teaching the topics of climate and climate change in the classroom. This includes 2 PowerPoint presentations to assist with teaching, short quiz on world climates, discussion questions, colourful display posters and worksheets for follow-up activities.
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  • Dathanna - Slime Monster Colour Display

    22 posters based on colours: 11 posters as Gaeilge and 11 posters in English

    The perfect display posters to have in the classroom at any age level :)
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  • Days of the Week - Gaeilge and English

    These colourful display is great to have in the classroom to remind the children of the days of the week as Gaeilge and in English :)

    This PDG document comes with 2 colourful crayons per A4 sheet.
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