• New Year Activity Booklet 2022
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    New Year Activity Booklet 2022

    This booklet includes 15 pages of activities that can be completed in the classroom or forwarded to students to be completed at home for distance learning purposes.

    This product comes in PDF format so it is easily printed out and distributed in class or uploaded online. This is a lovely keepsake for the children to complete at the beginning of the New Year. 

    Activity Booklets can be collected and stored somewhere safe and then given out to pupils at the end of the year so they can see if they achieved their goals during the year.

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  • Gaeilge - Mé Féin Ceisteanna and PPT

    Mé Féin Ceisteanna Pack with 20 display posters, 2 sets of question sheets and a PowerPoint Presentation with the questions and answer prompts to assist with teaching and learning.

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  • Gaeilge - Mé Féin Luaschártaí & PPT

    This display bundle contains 137 different colourful posters to make your 'Mé Féin' display come to life in the classroom. It also includes 3 PPT presentations with 100 slides based on 'Mé Féin' vocab to assist with teaching and learning.

    Posters included are outlined in the full description below.

    This display package is everything you need in the classroom to encourage children to use the language in their oral and written exercises.

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  • Halloween Activity Sheets

    Halloween activity sheets bundle: 11 different types of worksheets and activities in total
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