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  • Maths Shape and Space 2D Shapes Riddles Powerpoint game

    PowerPoint game 'What shape am I' for the start or end of a maths class on 2d shapes giving riddles that the children must then guess what shape the riddle is talking about and answer appears in next slide :) suitable more so for younger classes up to 3rd class. Can be used as a whole class game or table battles. Alternative/harder riddles in a word doc incase PowerPoint is too easy or you need extra :)
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  • Maths Shape and Space 3D Shape Riddle Powerpoint game

    Riddle game to aid the children in guessing what shape is on the next slide 'What shape am I?'. Colourful and pictures of 3D shape and it's equivalent in the environment shown. 5 3D shapes with riddles on the PowerPoint.
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  • Maths test on Shape and Space 3rd Class

    Class test for 3rd class on Shape and Space, covering 3D shapes.
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  • Maths Scavenger Hunt at Home- Shape and Space Strands

    At home scavenger hunt for children in fifth/ sixth class. The focus is on the strand shape and space and the units- lines and angles, 2D shapes, and 3D shapes. Great fun for children to find maths at home, especially when looking at angles around the house. Includes a glossary of terms and three tasks, each focused on a strand unit. Each task can be covered over a day or a week. Children will need ruler and protractor for this trail.


    Designed to follow the NCCA math curriculum.
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  • Math Trail Shape and Space - 2D, 3D and Symmetry

    This is a math trail based on the Irish primary curriculum (Strand: Shape and Space, Strand Unit: 2D Shapes, 3D Shapes and Symmetry). It is suitable for 3rd and 4th Class. It is created with the view children can complete it at home.
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  • Maths Scheme - Shape and Space - 4th, 5th & 6th Class

    Shape and space maths scheme suitable for a multi-class of 4th, 5th & 6th. Key concepts included - properties of shape and space, symmetry and lines/angles.
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  • Maths Shape and Space 2D shapes corners and sides (1st-3rd class)

    PowerPoint resource to teach 2D shape corners and sides with simple shapes such as square, rectangle, circle, goes through semi circle also. Colourful and child friendly with pictures and sound. 15 slides in total.
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  • 3D Shapes Loop Game

    Suitable for the Senior Classes.

    Incorporates 2D shapes.

    A versatile resource which can be used to stimulate children's interest in the topic and is useful in revision also.
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  • Maths flipchart (5th/6th class) 2D and 3D shapes

    Flipchart to help with a quick revision of  2D and 3D shapes.

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  • Maths Bundle for 5th and 6th Class
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    Maths Bundle for 5th and 6th Class

    An assortment of math activities for pupils in senior classes. All activities address strands of the NCCA curriculum. Pack includes:

    Mental maths quiz

    Shapes and space scavenger hunt

    Choice board menus on fractions, percentages, and decimals,

    Choice board menu on place value, multiplication and division

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  • Multi-Grade ( Junior-2nd), Progressional Scheme and plans, Maths

    BUNDLE - Multi-Grade - Infants -2nd class

    1 progressional scheme

    5 lesson plans to follow the scheme of work


    Strand: Shape and space

    Topic: 3D shapes

    All activities differentiated to suit each class level

    All can be edited to suit your class
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  • Fifth class, Progressional Scheme, Lesson Plans, Maths

    Fifth class -Maths


    1 progressional scheme ( one week)

    5 lesson plans to follow the scheme

    Strand: Shape and space

    Strand unit: 2D shapes

    Lesson 1 - Triangles

    Lesson2 : Quadrilateral

    Lesson 3: Symmetry

    Lesson 4: Tessellation

    Lesson 5: Tangrams


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