Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter Research Templates and Games
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    Harry Potter Research Templates and Games

    A collection of templates to explore and research all things Harry Potter.

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  • Harry Potter Classroom Management Pack
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    Harry Potter Classroom Management Pack

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    Classroom management - but add a bit of magic!

    This Harry Potter Classroom Management pack will transform your room and your classroom management from muggle filled to full of wizardry with one simple resource.

    In this pack, you will get:

    1. Sorting Hat Quiz and Results key to determine who goes in which house (there's also a blank quiz slide should you choose to create your own quiz)

    2. Hogwarts House Posters, which shows what it means to be a member of that house and the house crest (also includes a poster with just the crest)

    3. House certificates to be given out after the Sorting Hat ceremony

    4. House Points tracker (slot for 4 weeks of points with the winner of the House Cup announced at the end of each month)

    5. Banner for your Hogwarts House Points display!

    Keep your classroom management fun and magical with this easy to use, little prep pack!

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  • Harry Potter Affirmations

    Positive affirmations/sayings with a little bit of MAGIC!

    Each shows a quote from a Harry Potter book linked to a popular affirmation/saying we as teachers try to instil in our students!

    There are 13 posters in total in the pack!

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  • Maths Digital Escape Room-Percentage of Amounts(Harry Potter Theme)

    An engaging digital escape room for students learning to calculate percentage of amounts. The escape room uses a Harry Potter theme, with students having to unlock locks to free harry. Students must unlock 5 locks through finding tax, tips and discounts in 20 word problems. Some questions ask for the percentage tax, tip or discount, other questions ask for the total amount paid after the percent is applied. Questions are grouped 4 per puzzle, resulting in five 4-letter codes that will unlock all 5 locks.

    The entire activity is housed in one GOOGLE Form. There are no links to outside websites. The 4-letter codes are set with answer validation so that students cannot move to the next puzzle until they enter the correct code.

    Download includes a pdf, that explains how to access and use the Google Form.  There is a UK(£) version and a Euro version (all questions in Euro)

    This is a digital-only activity. Includes answer key.

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  • 4th Class Long Term English Plan with Termly Grids

    Long-term English plan incorporating the New Primary Language curriculum and its methodologies. This plan is extremely detailed, high quaility notes. They have been WSE and NIPT inspectorate/ diploma approved. 

    I have included curricular grids for all three terms. These are adjustable to your own class novel study or textbooks of choice. I used a mixture of textbooks and others. 

    Very useful for anyone starting at a new class level this year 4th. Everything is done here so you don't have to or use it as a template to make your own.  

    Thank you

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