• Rainforest - IFD, Lesson Plans, Resource Bundle - 3rd & 4th

    🌴Lesson pack based on the theme of The Rainforest 🌴

    Integrated Flow Diagram detailing a week's worth of lessons for English, Maths, Drama, Music, Visual Arts & P.E

    5 detailed English lesson plans, 2 Drama lesson plans & 1 Visual Arts lesson plan

    1 Narrative Mime about an explorer's adventure into the Rainforest.

    1 Improvisation Scenario Card set in the Rainforest. 

    Download details 

    • PDF of Integrated Flow Diagram (week's plan)
    • PDF of English lesson plans x5
    • PDF of Drama lesson plans x2 & Visual Art lesson plan
    • PDF of Narrative Mime
    • PDF of Improvisation Scenario Card
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