• Aim and Scribble Sheets

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    Three cute aim and scribble sheets for tiny hands!

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  • Minibeasts - A Multisensory Exploration

    Explore the fascinating world of Minibeasts with this Multisensory story.

    Includes themed, sensory extension activities that link to area of the curriculum making them the perfect resource for Special Education (aged 3-19) EYFS, mainstream Primary, Speech & Language and EAL students.

    Table of Contents:
    Story Props Checklist  
    How to Tell a Multisensory Story  
    Minibeasts - Full Poem  
    Minibeasts - A Multisensory Exploration    
    Minibeasts - Story Bag
    Minibeasts - Sensory Bin
    Outdoor Learning Ideas & Inspiration
    Minibeast Hunt
    Make a Wormery
    Minibeast Fun Facts
    Q & A

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  • SESE Spring Nature Walk 1st/2nd Class

    Here is a prompting document for a Spring Themed Nature Walk for 1st/2nd class. It explores the school environment using the different senses.

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  • Hedgehog Colouring Sheet

    Hedgehog colouring sheet
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  • Creepy Crawly Creative Writing

    A poetry writing frame on mini-beasts for older children, illustrated.
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  • Home Learning Plan - Term 3, Week 7

    A home learning plan for a week for senior infants.

    This home learning plan includes:

    • 3 x English lessons (2 word families and 1 consonant blend lesson)

    • 1 x handwriting

    • 4 x maths lessons (revision of 3D and 2D shapes, length and height)

    • 2 x SESE minibeasts lessons

    • 1 x Art lesson (minibeasts)

    • 1 x SPHE lesson (Growing Up)

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  • Mini-Beast Writing & Colouring

    Butterfly, ladybird & snail pictures to describe and colour.
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  • Mini-beast rhymes

    Collection of some lovely mini-beast rhymes.
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  • The very lonely firefly by Eric Carle English/Language teaching/planning pack

    A week-long short term planning and teaching pack and resources/activities for using the book, The very lonely firefly by Eric Carle in the Infant classroom.
    Smooth child-led play integration(Aistear)
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  • SESE Geography lesson for Infants on minibeasts in the garden :)

    SESE Geography for Infants perfect for Spring/Summer on Natural Environments
    - The Local Natural Environment
    Lesson: Minibeasts in the Garden
    Includes detailed lesson plan, PowerPoint, print out of minibeasts to cut up and put into the mála draíochta as well as an excerpt of the Story 'Danny and the minibeasts' to engage the infants. Complete resource. :)
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  • Lesson plans by 1.1 student: Science Project 3rd and 4th class - Simple to implement

    Projects are lots of fun, loved by children and they make teaching easy for teachers. Creating a hands on learning experience, which is in line with best practice.

    This is one of the best projects, I have ever implemented.

    Very easy to implement this project with children. I usually get them to do it in groups of 3. They complete the project over the course of 1-2 weeks.

    Project = Mini-beasts (You can easily fit mini-beasts into any theme you are covering..
    For example: Caring (Caring for mini-beasts).
    Summer (mini-beasts we see in summer in Ireland)
    School (mini-beasts around our school) etc.

    Children will be amazed at some of the facts that are revealed during the project. For example: A spiders legs grow out of his head/A fly vomits on his food before eating it and so on.

    This is a great package. It contains full lesson plans and resources to implement the project.

    When the children are finished, I would then staple all the projects together, to make a booklet on Mini-beasts. Put this on your supervisor's desk to ensure you get rewarded for it. (You could even prep one student to tell the supervisor about what he/she learned/enjoyed about the project).

    *The research is done and the lesson plans are wrote - this project will save you A LOT of time! Well worth €5.50!

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