Science Week

  • Biongó - An Spás
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    Biongó - An Spás

    A set of 5 bingo cards, along with a call card, as Gaeilge.

    Could be used as Béarla also.

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  • Space - Pencil Control Worksheets
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    Space - Pencil Control Worksheets

    A set of 10 pencil control themed pages, 5 colour, 5 B&W.

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  • An Spás - I Spy 'Space'
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    An Spás - I Spy 'Space'

    A pack of two 'I Spy' sheets based on the theme of Space.

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  • Science Prediction Sheets
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    Science Prediction Sheets

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    Science Prediction Sheets for Junior and Senior Infants

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  • Science Week: Design and Make Activity Pack

     This Science Week why not cover the 'Designing and Making' skills of the Science Curriculum with this printable activity pack. 

    This interactive, engaging Science Week activity pack is suitable for use in senior primary classes. It guides pupils through a designing and making project, and can build up to a Science Fair to finish the Science Week, if you wish. 

    This activity pack contains all the materials you will need to complete a 'Design and Make' activity with your class, including

    • A brightly colored introductory page introducing the task
    • A matching activity that teaches pupils about the different branches of science and their definitions
    • Pair brainstorming task: including lots of examples to encourage pupils to think about the items they might like to design or build, and space for pupils to add their own ideas 
    • A 4 page planning workbook - walks pupils through the planning, designing and making process while familiarizing them with the format science experiments are written up in. Including
      • Space to sketch and label designs
      • Listing materials needed
      • Sequencing the steps or procedure followed 
      • Evaluation section - what am I happy with? What could I improve?
      • Planning for sharing work (for example at class science fair) - what would I like my classmates to learn?
    • Assessment rubric- (can be used as teacher or self-assessment). Pupils could present their work at a class science fair, and assess themselves using the included rubric. The resulting piece could be filed in your assessment folder as a sample of learning in Science. 
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  • Science-Lesson-On-Sound

    Science-Lesson-On-Sound - Rest your tired teacher brain and just follow the script! This is a direct instruction lesson that has 82 slides and teachers the concept of sound for the early years of education. 

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  • Science experiment - taking your pulse

    Word document giving instructions on how to take your heart rate (BPM) before and after exercise with a conclusion.

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  • The Weather A Multisensory Exploration

    Some young children and individuals with special educational needs and disabilities dislike or even have a fear of certain types of weather e.g. Thunder and lightning or very windy weather.

    The weather is a constant and changing presence in our lives, therefore it is important to help individuals build a sensory tolerance and understanding of the different types of weather conditions and how they affect us. 

    Many of the clothes and items used for taking precautions in different weathers often have textures and smells that may be overwhelming for an individual with sensory processing needs e.g. wearing hats and sunglasses and tolerating wearing sunscreen in hot weather or wearing or a waterproof jacket and wellingtons in the rainy weather. 

    This resource aims to address these sensory challenges through a fully resourced, step-by-step multisensory story. 

    Repeated exposure in a safe environment can help to desensitise and familiarise the sensory experiences associated with the weather for the sensory explorer.

    This resource includes fun and motivating, sensory extension activities that will build communication skills and connect the sensory explorer to science in a way that is meaningful to their lives.

    Table of Contents

    The Weather - Full Poem

    How To Tell a Multisensory Story   

    The Weather Fully Resourced Multisensory Poem

    Weather Themed Listening Game  

    Weather Themed Sensory Bag  

    Weather Themed Sensory Bin  

    Seasonal Weather Boxes  

    Weather Themed Art & Craft  

    Record the Weather 

    The Weather Forecast  

    Weather Observation & Scientific Exploration 

    Project a Rainbow  

    Rainbow's End Treasure Hunt  

    Weather Activity Ideas & Inspiration  

    Your questions, queries, comments and feedback are always welcome. 

    Get in touch!          

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  • Journey into Space - A Rhyming Multisensory Story & Exploration of the Solar System & Themed Sensory Extension Activities

    Take a Journey into Space with this fully resourced, step-by-step exploration of the solar system.

    The story is told through the eyes of a young person who travels through space in their rocket.

    This story includes themed, sensory extension activities that link to area of the curriculum making them the perfect resource for Special Education (aged 3-19), EYFS, mainstream Primary, Speech & Language and EAL students.

    Table of Contents: 

    Buckle Up! Story Prop Checklist

    How to Tell a Multisensory Story

    Journey Into Space A Multisensory Story

    Developing Comprehension & Understanding

    Story Map

    Space Sounds  (Listening Game)

    How to Make a Space Themed Sensory Bag

    How to Make a Space Themed Sensory Bin

    Space Relaxation  – A Guided Relaxation Space Adventure!

    Create an Astronaut Role Play Area

    Galaxy Art

    The Space Lab

    Space Design & Technology

    Q & A


    Journey into Space Video

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  • Two brief worksheets on planet Earth - 1st/2nd class

    One worksheet is a simple and quick cloze on Planet Earth etc. and fill out the planets. One worksheet is a question and answer worksheet.

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  • Words associated with rocks

    3 page word document with key words associated with rocks.

    I laminated and stuck up in my classroom when we were doing rocks in SESE.

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