World Tourism Day

  • Egypt flipchart

    16 page flipchart on the country of Egypt with the goal of getting the children to complete a project based on the country.

    The flipchart goes through a fact file, food, clothes, tourist attractions etc.

    This is a flipchart so please ensure you have ActivInspire downloaded first.

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  • Knock package

    10 page flipchart outlining the history and some points on Knock, Co. Mayo.

    Worksheet included.

    * Bonus worksheet on Christianity included

    Remember you will need ActivInspire in order for flipcharts to open.

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  • 4th Class Geography Assessment Grids - Suitable for Dip
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    4th Class Geography Assessment Grids - Suitable for Dip

    Assessment grids (including objectives) for Geography for all 3 terms. Tick or traffic light suitable. Suitable for Dip/Droichead use.
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  • Italy - Geography Lesson Plan and ALL Resources

    Interactive and engaging Geography Lesson Plan and all resources about Italy.

    Resources include:
    Hint sentences
    Food Information Sheet on Italy
    Tourism Information Sheet on Italy
    Geography Information Sheet on Italy
    Engaging Powerpoint to accompany lesson

    This is most suitable for Third Class to Sixth Class children.
    It is inspector approved and received an A1 on Placement.
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