Realise your reading potential with the ExamReader

This is a guest post from ScannerPen who sponsored our recent competition. Nurturing reading independence has been a leading goal of Scanning Pens since its founding. With the co-founder of the company, Jack Churchill, having dyslexia, support for reading difficulties has been a personal passion of his and Scanning Pens. Over one and half decades of aiding students and everyday people, we’ve learned just how important literacy skills can be to someone’s confidence and life quality. Children are found to often either act out, or seclude themselves when they are having issues with their school work, and this is even more true during the exam period. It can be incredibly frustrating for students that can’t understand exam questions; even if their subject comprehension is high, they aren’t able to give clear answers if they...

Review: C-PEN ReaderPen

The C-PEN ReaderPen is a portable scanner that reads aloud any text in a natural voice. As its name suggests, the scanner is shaped like a pen and is roughly the length of an ordinary pen. It is wider than a pen which gives a nice amount of space for a small screen. This small screen displays what is scanned by the user and this can be read out or stored. I am reviewing this product for the purposes of primary school use. (If you want one, you can enter our competition at the bottom of this review) A photograph of the C-PEN Readerpen First things, first - is it any good at its job? The quick answer is a definite yes. It simply works. All you do is push the pen down and slide it over a line in almost any book and the pen reads it out. However, there's more to this pen than that and in this review, I'm going to go through some of its...

Top Searches: May 2019

Every month we display the top 5 keywords that you searched for on Here they are in order:

  1. Summer (146 searches - 118 results)
  2. Report Comments (132 / 7)
  3. Caitheamh Aimsire (108 / 68)
  4. Siopadoireacht (87 / 44)
  5. ASD (57 / 107)

Thematic Teaching

Our final guest blogger of the year is Múinteoir Grace. In this article she talks about thematic teaching. My name is Grace and you may know me as Múinteoir Grace from my store Grace Today I wish to share my love for animals and appreciation for thematic teaching in education with you readers. Thematic instruction is an educational methodology whereby a teacher plans their lessons centred around a common concept/ topic. Examples of themes suitable for primary school children include myself and my family, school, sports, food, animals, toys etc. The Irish Primary Curriculum strongly advocates an integrative approach to learning especially to reinforce learning for younger children. Language Development Oral language, reading, writing and vocabulary development are essential...