What did you search for in January

Every month we summarise the most popular searches on Mash.ie. For sellers, this can be useful to know what potential customers may be looking for. Gaeilge themes seemed to be a focus for January with most of the top 5 searches falling into this category:
  1. Éadaí
  2. Caitheamh Aimsire
  3. An Aimsir
  4. Sa Bhaile
  5. Spring
Again, the searches that got no results were made up mostly of store names. We're nearly ready to address this issue but it was interesting to see some of the other searches that got no responses:
  1. The built environment (11 searches)
  2. Ethiopia (10)
  3. Busy Board (6)
  4. St Brigids Day (5)
The final one above is interesting in so far as it is a misspelling of the festival.

Making your English lessons to-the-point

This month we're delighted to welcome this guest post from Ben Pyne from To The Point Passages.  Like many teachers around the country, I found myself trawling through the internet one Sunday evening looking for interesting, worthwhile English activities. Two hours later and I had found ...very little. Yes, there are some valuable reading comprehensions out there, however I found that many lack real learning focus. I would agree that there is value in almost any kind of reading (I often recommend to parents to allow children read appropriate magazine and newspaper articles), however I wanted something more than just a passage to 'keep the class busy'. I wanted a clear focus on what they would learn from each specific piece. I hoped to find a set of comprehensions that would include questions encompassing each of the important aspects of...