When do you start planning?

Most people think that teachers get the whole summer off, and while we do get a nice break, it's not as long as they might think, with up to 3 weeks taken up by completing summer courses and then there's planning for the new year. Most teachers like to take a short break after the madness of June. However, when do you start your planning and paperwork for the new school year? Check out our Facebook poll here.

What did you search for in June?

June is traditionally a quieter month on Mash.ie and a crazy month in real life! However, teachers were still searching for resources and it wasn't much of a surprise that the biggest item typed in the search bar was "end of year" It's also interesting to see people using the search bar to find particular stores they like. This only works if your product description contains your store name so it might be worth taking note. For example 74 people searched for Miss Múinteoir in June. The top 5 searches for resources were: end of year junior infants new language curriculum aistear tricky words People searched for other items but got no return on their search. It might be worth creating resources to help these people! you blew me away holes end of year certificates sports day certificates Tomás na...